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Total-Care® has marketing and recruiting partners and services in all major cities in China. Upon admission to an American high school, students are supported in China with passport, visa, and travel services; and in America with airport pickups, care for practical needs like bank accounts and cell phones, and orientation. Orientation includes experiencing local culture, visiting schools and meeting teachers, previewing American educational practices, connecting with domestic students, and learning who to ask for help. 


WIA and GCIA offer dormitory living with flexible home stay options. The dorm is staffed by student advisors, who provide encouragement, accountability, time management, and activities that build student confidence. Community develops through small group houses and all student assemblies. Single or double rooms are available with housekeeping services and 24/7 security surveillance. Breakfast and dinner are served on school days, and brunch and dinner on weekends. Feedback is regularly sought through surveys and focus groups.


English language learning (ELL) teachers and tutors are deployed daily in partner schools. ELL includes listening, speaking, reading, writing and applying English skills in content area classes. Advanced Independent Study is available after completion of four levels of ELL. Tutors help with time management, study skills, English, and short and long term assignment completion. Other academic services are preparation for TOEFL and ACT/SAT exams, and fall and spring participation in a college symposium to explore readiness, career aspirations, and college options.


From WIA, nine drivers transport students to six partner schools, from after school activities, and to and from evening and weekend activities and events; and two drivers provide similar services from GCIA to four partner schools. WIA operates five buses and seven vans; and GCIA two buses and two vans. Student Transportation connects the logistics of PreArrival, Student Living, and Student Learning Services, operates safely, and delivers a 95 percent daily student attendance rate.


Parent/school communication occurs via 24/7 parent access to student grades through school portals; and monthly, through translated WIA/GCIA reports on student academics and behavior. WeChat phone conferences with parents are scheduled for students whose grades or behaviors are at risk. A full time, bilingual communicator is regularly available in China for two-way communication among students, parents, partner school liaisons, and WIA/GCIA staff. A steady flow of pictures, videos and stories are also transmitted via WeChat, and face to face parent conferences occur regionally in China each fall and spring.   



Our newest service is to help students experience involvement, leadership, and confidence building in school, WIA/GCIA, or community; and, at the same time, strengthen their college application and admission competitiveness by building portfolios of these experiences along with their high school credits, grades, and test scores. This initiative, called Rising Scholar Circle is transforming our culture from adult expectations and student compliance to student motivation and adult support - and students will take these confidence building experiences to college with them! 

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