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WIA team consists of Student Advisors, Housekeepers, Drivers, Maintenance, Security, Tutors, ELL Teachers, Middle Management and Management teams, Principal, and President.


Middle Management and Management teams are in charge of operations, recruitment, marketing, communication with partner schools and China office, and Total-Care®program development and enrichment. 


Student Advisors are responsible for a "house" of 8-10 students. SAs are the point staff for these students, and form close relationships with them through weekly meetings and check-ins.  Student advisors are available to the students 24 hours a day and function in a unique mentoring, tutoring, and parenting role.  There are currently 18 Student Advisors employed at WIA.

WIA has 24/7 Security personell on duty. Housekeeping and Maintenance staff keeps the facility clean and well-maintained.

WIA Drivers provide transportation to the students to and from school and after-school activities. WIA's fleet consists of five school buses, five vans and two mini vans. There are currently eight drivers employed at WIA.


Jian Sun, President

Mr. Sun came to the State of Wisconsin in 1992. He got his Master Degrees in Chemistry and in Math, Statistics and Computer Science from Marquette University. He has taught courses to undergraduate students such as Chemistry, Computer Science as well as college Calculus as a teaching assistant at Marquette University.  Mr. Sun earned his Bachelor of Science from Peking University. Before he came to the states, Mr. Sun was a Scientist of Chemistry and Physics in Chinese Academy of Sciences. 

Mr. Sun has served as General Manager at an Internet service business. He provided consulting services and often gave training classes to many IT staff from large organizations. Most of organizations are Fortune 500 companies including IBM, Pfizer, Kimberly-Clark, Kohler Company, Kellogg’s, etc.

Mr. Sun is very active in community services and currently serves as Vice President of Milwaukee Chinese Community Center. He has been working very closely with local high schools, universities, and city and state governments to promote Chinese history and culture in Wisconsin. 

Mr. Sun is a co-founder and a president of Wisconsin Intergenerational Orchestra. 

Mathew Gibson, Principal

Dr. Matt Gibson is starting his fifth year at WIA. Prior to joining WIA, he was superintendent of the Elmbrook (WI) School District for 17 years and had completed 31 years as a school superintendent in the State of Wisconsin. 


Before becoming a superintendent, Dr. Gibson was a principal, working directly with students, staff, and parents, and he has returned to that role in retirement with the added, fascinating dimensions of working with international students and bridging cultures with China. 


Dr. Gibson is married, has three grown children, and five grandchildren. He enjoys photography and is frequently observed taking spontaneous pictures of students being themselves - loving learning and life - which is affirming to the students and their parents far away. 

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